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Nadia Giza

Nadia Giza is based in Germany


‘Ever since my first visit to the glass school in Zwiesel, I have been fascinated by the many ways in which glass can be worked.


I especially liked the way a glass engraver slices bright, lifelike motifs onto the glass. That is why I decided to do this training.


In my theme Help, Where is my Home? I want to condemn the carefree approach to nature and the wide range of animal habitats and call for a rethink.


The endangered species, polar wolf, polar bear and penguin are, for me, representative of many other endangered animals around the world.’


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Nadia Giza - Help Where is My Home

 Help Where is my Home 2021 7.8cm H Engraved using diamond cutting and polishing wheels to create superficial and deep cuts.

Nadia Giza - Help Where is My Home - detail 1  Help Where is my Home, Detail
Nadia Giza - Help Where is My Home - detail 2  Help Where is my Home, Detail