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The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.




Graal Course 2018 at Gernheim, Germany
Course dates: 20 to 27 May 2018, Course times: 10:00 to 18:00
Participants: 8 people   Cost: 980 €
LWL Industrial Glass Museum, Gernheim
32469 Petershagen

This course offers the opportunity to explore and exploit Graal technique. Combining hot and cold working techniques is particularly exciting.
Stories, pictures and patterns may be cut into a prepared blank (consisting of clear glass with one or more layers of coloured overlay glass), using sandblast, glass engraving and cutting.
After cutting, the blanks are then re-heated, picked up, overlaid with clear glass and blown further into shapes by the glassblowers.
These complex pieces involve all aspects of glass design and engineering and are a challenge to make.
It is possible to produce blanks before the course begins.
We want to appeal to all: beginners and advanced glassblowers and engravers, painters and draftsmen, artists and craftsmen.
We are looking forward to an intensive week!

Korbinian Stöckle & Rasit Rejwan - glassblowers
Wilhelm Vernim & Heikko Schulze Höing - glass engravers

On the Glas Turm website, under Anmeldung (registration) you will find a form which you should complete and return to or call +49 (0)5707 - 95 39 29 (landline AB) or fax +49 (0)5707 - 9393443 .

 War Flowers Touring Art Exhibition

WAR FLOWERS - Touring Art Exhibition
By Raynes Art + Design Ltd 
Ottawa | Toronto | Vimy | Montreal

“I believe people have an ability to find beauty and hope, even amidst the horrors of war. This exhibition examines human nature in wartime through a series of artistic representations, multisensory experiences and portraits of ten Canadians who were involved in the First World War.

Optical crystal sculptures created by Mark Raynes Roberts portray scenes that illustrate different aspects of human nature while scents developed by Alexandra Bachand evoke personal memory.

WAR Flowers is inspired by the pressed flowers picked by George Stephen Cantlie in the gardens, fields and hedges of war-torn Europe and sent to his baby daughter in Montreal. I examine these century-old flowers using floriography, a method of communicating emotion through flowers, to tell the story of human nature in the landscape of war.”

– Viveka Melki, curator

WAR FLOWERS | FLEUR D'ARMES has been made possible by the Government of Canada and by the generosity of private partners.
For scheduled exhibition dates and venues please visit:


 K Coleman Sun Web
Glass Engraving Classes with Katharine Coleman MBE
Term Dates:  08/01-26/03/2018
Monday Mornings at Morley College, London

This course provides a rare opportunity to learn glass engraving, its history, its tools and its many applications, classical and contemporary. Several different engraving techniques will be explored, from diamond point, through drill to wheel engraving. The course focuses on the development of practical skills alongside an appreciation of glass engraving itself not only as an artwork, but also as a sculptural object in light that throws colour and shadows, even providing the means for simple printmaking.
Click here to download a pdf with further details of the course

For anyone who would like to come to the weekly Morley glass engraving course but cannot afford the fees, there is now a fully funded scholarship scheme for one student which includes fees and support , see