Exhibition 2013 Wells and Mendip Museum

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Chris Ainslie - Face to face            Chris Ainslie  FGE
           Face to Face
Chris Ainslie - Above and below          Chris Ainslie  FGE
           Above and below
Chris Ainslie - Three blind mice            Chris Ainslie  FGE
           Three Blind Mice
Sue Burne - The enchanted wood            Sue Burne  AFGE  
           The Enchanted Wood
Sue Burne - Zodiac           Sue Burne  AFGE
Sue Burne - A Field of Dreams              Sue Burne  AFGE
          A Field of Dreams
Sue Burne - Phoenix              Sue Burne  AFGE
Sue Burne - Sea Dragon              Sue Burne  AFGE
             Sea Dragon
Chris Cole - Cider Drinkers              Chris Cole  CM
             Cider Drinkers
Chris Cole - Norfolk Fen Swallowtail              Chris Cole  CM
             Norfolk Fen Swallowtail
Gill Mannings Cox - River of Ice              Gill Mannings Cox  FGE
             River of Ice
Gill Mannings Cox - Shivers              Gill Mannings Cox  FGE
Phil Dorman - Little Moreton Hall              Phil Dorman  CM
             Little Moreton Hall
Phil Dorman - ABC              Phil Dorman  CM
Phil Dorman - Green Man              Phil Dorman  CM
             Green Man
Pat Etherington - Carousel              Pat Etherington  CM
Pat Etherington - Day's End              Pat Etherington  CM
             Day's End
Margaret Foster - In the Breeze              Margaret Foster  CM
             In the Breeze
Margaret Garrett - Fish Dish              Margaret Garrett  CM
             Fish Dish
Margaret Garrett - Ivy Pillar Glass              Margaret Garrett  CM
             Ivy Pillar Glass
Margaret Garrett - Somerset Levels              Margaret Garrett  CM
             Somerset Levels
Marilyn Goodearl - Swan Lake

             Marilyn Goodearl  AFGE
             Swan Lake

Marilyn Goodearl - Pied Fish and Friends              Marilyn Goodearl   AFGE
             Pied Fish and Friends
Marilyn Goodearl - Candleholder              Marilyn Goodearl  AFGE
Marilyn Goodearl - Candleholder              Marilyn Goodearl  AFGE
Frank Grenier - Canal Grande Venezia               Frank Grenier  FGE
              Canal Grande Venezia
Frank Grenier - Gulf Stream               Frank Grenier  FGE
              Gulf Stream
Frank Grenier - Antarctic Albatross               Frank Grenier  FGE
              Antarctic Albatross
Frank Grenier - Snail Trail               Frank Grenier  FGE
              Snail Trail
Patricia Hilton-Robinson - The Gaffer's Chair               Patricia Hilton-Robinson  AFGE
              The Gaffer's Chair
Patricia Hilton-Robinson - Dance 'til Dawn               Patricia Hilton-Robinson  AFGE
              Dance 'til Dawn
Patricia Hilton-Robinson - Lilies               Patricia Hilton-Robinson  AFGE
Patricia Hilton-Robinson - Wells Cathedral               Patricia Hilton-Robinson  AFGE 
              Wells Cathedral
Patricia Hilton-Robinson - H.M.S Warrior               Patricia Hilton-Robinson  AFGE
              H.M.S. Warrior
Amanda Lawrence - Unravelling               Amanda Lawrence  FGE
              The Unravelling
Amanda Lawrence - Zoo               Amanda Lawrence  FGE
Amanda Lawrence - Red Riding Hood's Revenge                Amanda Lawrence  FGE
               Red Riding Hood's Revenge
A Lawrence and J Studerus - Party Piece                Amanda Lawrence  FGE 
               and Jan Studerus  FGE
               Party Piece
Rob Page - Speedboat                Rob Page  CM
Sandra Richardson - Poppies                Sandra Richardson  CM
               (Student piece - assisted work)
Catherine Smart - Long Tailed Tits                Catherine Smart  CM
               Long Tailed Tits
Jan Studerus - Gladrags                Jan Studerus  FGE
Wendy Varnham - Great Tit Amongst Blossom                Wendy Varnham  LM
               Great Tit Amongst Blossom
               (Student piece - assisted work)