Exhibition 2012 - Online exhibition

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An exhibition of selected work by our members worldwide


  Nancy Arthur-McGhee - Hippocamps   

Nancy Arthur-McGehee (USA)



Abrasive carved and drill engraved.  Blodgett Glass Bubble Vase.  The subject is my dream to travel the oceans being carried by Hippocamps


Photographer: Nancy Arthur McGehee

P Cambalova - Untitled


Pavlina Cambalova  (Czech Rep)



Dancing people, wheel engraved in glass lenses, cold bonded (two lenses together) in a glass bubble.


Photographer: Petr Fiala

 J Cole - Joie de vivre  

Julian Cole  (France)

Joie de Vivre

Swirled dish overlayed with yellow on red. The red has been removed on the underside  to leave yellow letters -joie de vivre- in the form of a catharine wheel. Approx 30 cms. diam. Blown by Bob Crooks 


 K Coleman - Yellow waterlily  

Katharine Coleman  (UK)

Yellow Waterlily


Yellow Waterlily is a 16cm diameter x 7cm deep bowl, yellow glass overlaid on clear lead crystal, blown to my design by Potter Morgan Glass. Cut, polished and wheel engraved in 2011. Stands on a separate clear glass base, 8cm high x 4cm diameter, also cut and engraved.


Photographer: K Coleman

B Davenport - Otter vase


Bill Davenport  (UK)

Otter Vase.


Otters are frequently requested as subjects for engraving, & this pose is obviously suited to the vessel used.  It is drill-engraved, & is designed to be viewed from the opposite side of the vase, which adds depth to the composition.  William's workshop at Land's End in Cornwall overlooks the Longships Lighthouse & the cliffs, adding inspiration to his engravings of Cornwall & the wildlife. 


Photographer: Tom Brooke

 M Dyszkiewicz - Systems and mechanisms green


Maciej Dyszkiewicz  (Canada)

Systems and mechanisms green


Photographer: Maciej Dyszkiewicz 





 M Kubo - Goldfish aqua


Miko Kubo  (Australia)

Goldfish aqua 


Blown, engraved and carved glass


 Photographer: Michael Myers 2011


 A Lawrence - Feathering the nest


Amanda Lawrence  (UK)

Feathering the Nest


Double cased bowl hand blown by Neil Wilkin and drill engraved by myself.  Based on my experience of watching bluetits bring up a brood in my camera nestbox during the early years of the financial crisis...


Photographer: A Lawrence

 M Moloney - Bee paperweight


Marlene Moloney  (Canada)


Paperweight – 8 cm in diameter, drill engraved


Photographer: Marlene Moloney


 A Okeyo - Butterfly chills


Akoko Okeyo  (USA)

Butterfly Chills


Butterflies in black wooden frame. Approximately 11.75" x 9.25".

Engraved on both sides for a 3D effect


Photographer: Rick Lang

 L Pyke - Georgian Dragon



Les Pyke  (UK)

Georgian Dragon


Lead crystal hand blown authentic reproduction Georgian style glass circa 1710. Large balluster, drill engraved.


Photographer:  L Pyke


 F Quartley - Lava me


Freddie Quartley  (UK)

Lava me

The latin is from the new Mass and the panes are in the confessional windows. In english it means 'Wash me O Lord from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin'.


Photographer: N Quartley


 S Riley - Poppy fairy



Suzy Riley ((UK)

Poppy Fairy


Long stemmed candle pot.

Drill engraving with intaglio.



Photographer:  S Riley





 M Raynes Roberts - Doorway to Athena

  Mark Raynes Roberts (Canada)

Doorway to Athena


Athena is the protectress of civilized life, of artesian activities, and in poetry the incarnation of Wisdom, Reason and Purity. The piece shows Athena diamond wheel engraved within a doorway engraved on the opposite side of the sculpture. As the viewer moves around the crystal sculpture the figure of Athena begins to refract creating an alchemy of her own image seen through many doorways symbolic of her qualities and powers as Goddess.


Photographer: M Raynes Roberts
 S Snaddon - Harvest


Sandra Snaddon  (UK)

Harvest Bowl


Flat bowl engraved with ears of corn and harvest mice. Engraved using an electric drill in the intaglio style to give depth and shape to the image.


Photographer: S Snaddon



 L Sterling - Community Series


Lisabeth Sterling (USA)

Community Series 2011

Each panel 30.5 x  22.9 cm total 96.5 x 73.7 c, inked etched copper with sandblasted and engraved white cameo glass


Photographer: Tristan Levine





 N Sutcliffe - Marked men


Nancy Sutcliffe  (UK)

Marked men

Drill engraved crystal slabs with moon gold leaf tattoos.



Photographer: N Sutcliffe


 V Zoltan - Creation


Zoltan Viczan  (Hungary)



Commissioned work. The hands are diamond wheel engraved. The cutting is done using stone and  diamond wheels and engraving diamonds. The engraving is a detail of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”


Photographer: Zoltan Viczan 2011