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Guild of Glass Engravers 2015 Exhibition

18 May - 26 June

The Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge

This will be a fantastic dispay of engraved glass not to be missed.


Reflections - The Art of Allison Kinnaird Reflections - The Art of Alison Kinnaird

2013, Kinmor Music, Gorebridge, Scotland, ISBN 978-0-9540160, fully illustrated, pp.94, with complementary DVD of films and audio tracks of Alison’s harp music. Available from £12.00 + P&P.

James Holloway of The Scottish National Portrait Gallery introduces this book saying, “Alison Kinnaird is one of the world’s leading glass engravers. She has developed the medium by perfecting old and pioneering new techniques…”  The large new Patrons’ Window in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is her most impressive work to date.
This book records both Alison’s earlier and more recent work, beautifully photographed by Robin Morton, her husband. They are also accomplished musicians. Their DVD accompanies the book which so amply illustrates Alison’s significant contribution to modern glass engraving.
Click here for a further review of this book by Katharine Coleman MBE


Glass Themed Walk created by Graham Fisher MBE

The Royal Geographic Society are producing a series of geographically-themed walks around the UK. The walks are available in written or audio versions and are free, self-guided and hopefully fun. The series is called Discovering Britain; more details are available on their website

 New walks are being added all the time and we have recently completed a walk along the Town Arm of the Stourbridge Canal. This walk looks at how Stourbridge became world-famous for iron and glass making.

 The walk was created by glass enthusiast and trustee of the British Glass Foundation, Graham Fisher MBE. The route visits current and former glass manufacturing sites including the Red House Glass Cone, New Dial and Ruskin Glass Centre. You can find it online at