Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild provides an insight into contemporary Glass Engraving. It aims to promote the highest standards of glass engraving.The website contains techniques, a gallery of members engraved glass, where to see it and where to learn to engrave.


Glass Works 2016

Gallery Tanaka in Tokyo
January 27, 2016 (Wednesday) to February 4 (Thursday)

Dominic Fonde will be exhibiting at Gallery Tanaka in Tokyo in January.
If you happen to be in town please go along and see the work.

Participating artists:
Shusaku Ito (blown glass), Tei Keishin and ( kiln work),
Dominic Fonde (Glass engraving), Mariko Nogami (lampworking,)
Wataru Hasegawa (blown glass), Kenji Matsuura (blown glass)
Gallery Tanaka


Best Stained Glass - Caroline Swash

Guild of Glass Engravers Spring Lecture
Saturday 21st May 2016
Art Workers Guild  Main Hall, 6 Queen Square,
Bloomsbury, London, WC1N3AR

Doors open at 2.00pm with the lecture to start at 2.30pm. Afternoon tea will
be served after
the lecture.
Our speaker is Carline Swash and her lecture is titled;
“The 100 Best Stained Glass Sites In London for everyone to enjoy”.
Caroline Swash is the grand daughter of Arts and Crafts artist Henry Payne
and daughter of 
stained glass artist Edward Payne.  She began making her
own windows in 1965 and has been
building windows ever since.
Her work can be seen in the USA (St Paul’s Church, Cleveland Ohio) and at
various sites in the UK including;
St Barnabas, Dulwich, Salisbury Cathedral, Portsmouth Cathedral and  
Gloucester Cathedral, 

We're sure that Caroline’s lecture will be absolutely fascinating and hugely
 so please do put this date in your diary. 
Contact the Guild Administrator for tickets.


"All the Year Round"

Katharine Coleman's solo show at the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh:
28th Nov - 23rd Dec 2015

For those of you who were unable to get to Edinburgh, here's a
link to the online catalogue of Katharine Coleman's exhibition
at the Scottish Gallery.


Reflections - The Art of Allison Kinnaird Reflections - The Art of Alison Kinnaird

2013, Kinmor Music, Gorebridge, Scotland,
ISBN 978-0-9540160, fully illustrated, pp.94,
with complementary DVD of films and audio
tracks of Alison’s harp music. Available from
£12.00 + P&P.
James Holloway of The Scottish National Portrait Gallery introduces this book saying, “Alison Kinnaird is one of the world’s leading glass engravers. She has developed the medium by perfecting old and pioneering new techniques…”  The large new Patrons’ Window in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is her most impressive work to date.
This book records both Alison’s earlier and more recent work, beautifully photographed by Robin Morton, her husband. They are also accomplished musicians. Their DVD accompanies the book which so amply illustrates Alison’s significant contribution to modern glass engraving.
Click here for a further review of this book by Katharine Coleman MBE