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Cost of Membership

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UK Lay Member or Friend                                                 £37.50
Overseas Lay Member or Friend                                       £42.50
*Student membership                                                      £15.00
UK Craft Members                                                           £57.50
Overseas Craft, Associate Fellow and Fellow                     £47.50
UK Associate Fellows                                                       £62.50
UK Fellows                                                                      £67.50

If you're joining the Guild for the first time you would join as a 'UK Lay Member or Friend' or, if based outside the UK, as an 'Overseas Lay Member or Friend'. Other levels of membership are subject to an assessment of your engraved work. You can access more information about assessments in the Members Area of the website, once you've joined the Guild.

Subscription is payable yearly in full from 1st June, unless joining after January when subscription is half the current rate.

*Please note that Student members must be Full-time students, holding a valid student card. They must be able to provide a letter of confirmation of this, from their course tutor to the Guild Administrator, within 30 days of joining.