What is glass engraving?

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'My own analogy of glass is to imagine that it is actually made of light; light trapped between two polished skins. Scratch the surface and light is released at that place. The engraver's task is to find and release the light in the way that best expresses his ideas'.

Simon Whistler
On a Glass Lightly, 2005

At its simplest, engraving involves using a tool to abrade the surface of the glass in order to leave a mark. There are many ways to do this, and many tools available to do it, ranging from the simplest diamond-point hand tool to complex machinery. Click on the menu items on the left for a brief description of each of the techniques.

Then imitate the action of the tiger - line engraved goblet by Annabel Rathbone


The midnight owl - stipple engraved goblet by Simon Whistler



Beside the sea by Tracey Sheppard