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Branch - Wessex

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At the moment the Branch is suspended, but in spite of this we have many members and have had a busy and successful few months.

In April the Northern Branch arranged a weekend visit to Hampshire, and some Wessex Branch members joined them in visiting the Georgian Glassmakers near Andover for a fascinating glassblowing demonstration and talk. In early May Branch members enjoyed a lovely social get-together hosted by Chris and Dennis White. Later in May we were kindly invited to lunch with Donald and Sarah Scott, then listened to a very well attended talk by Tracey Sheppard about her engraved doors at St Thomas’ Church Lymington. Later on, some of us moved on to St. John the Baptist Church in Boldre to see the Millennium Window, while others visited St. Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst.

Any new members would be most welcome, please get in touch so we can let you know about future events.

Branch Officers

Rob Page, Wendy Varnham & Chris White.

Contact: Wendy Varnham