Branch - Peaks and Plains

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We meet at the Jubilee Centre at Bowdon, near Altrincham, Manchester area, every first Sunday of the month.

We meet up have a chat, a cup of tea and do some engraving. Some sessions we bring in other art works and talk through them, we have sessions including instructional videos/DVDs and sometimes if we are lucky enough someone comes in to demonstrate their work.

Our group is quite small so financially we tick over from year to year, any new members are more than welcome, we need some new faces. Our group consists of aproximately on the day 8 to 10 people. We are a friendly group consisting of females, males, more experienced, lesser experienced  and one young person (which we really hope he continues to come, he's been with us about 1 year now, he'll be coming up to 16 soon I think).

We are not like most branches as we actually meet up to do the glass engraving on the day (most classes meet up to go over what they have done between meets). For some of the members this is the only chance they get, with work, children, grandchildren.

We don't have any set subjects, everyone does their own thing and asks others opinions when we have a walk round to admire each others work.

We have some days where an invited guest comes along to show and guide us through their work. We have days where we bring in other art works we have done in other mediums.

Contact: Sandra Kaye