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Branch - Northern

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Northern Branch Officers
Chairman - Dawn Douglas
Secretary - Sandra Snaddon
Treasurer - Pat Gauntlett

The Northern Branch held their AGM on Saturday 21 March, all officers were re-elected en-bloc.  Thanks were given to them for all their work over the past year.

Brian was the entertainer for the day and gave us drawing tasks to work on.  The first was to draw the empty spaces of a kitchen chair he had brought.  Once we realised what was asked, we did  manage to complete the task by ending up with the image of a chair.

Our next task was to draw an orchid, that he had brought in.  Advice was forthcoming on both tasks and we all appreciated the requirement to get back to the basics with drawing, something we all have to do when creating engraving designs.

A good day was had by all.

Future meeting dates are:

29 May    Branch meet up for dinner at the Glassworks Restaurant, Stourbridge.

11 July    Engraving day

26/27 Sep     Weekend workshop with Tracey (TBC)

We always welcome visitors to our branch meetings, which are usually held in Patrick Brompton Church Hall, Nr Bedale from 11.00 - 4pm.

Contact: Sandra Snaddon
Tel: 01748 812062