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Branch - Northern

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Northern Branch Officers
Chairman - Dawn Douglas

Secretary - Sandra Snaddon
Treasurer - Pat Gauntlett

Over the weekend of the 26/27 September, the Northern Branch held a Weekend tutorial with Tracey  Sheppard running the activities.  On the Saturday members were tasked to create some lettering which included an image, some interesting designs were created.  A PowerPoint presentation on lettering and tone control was shown and after lunch, members got back to their engravings, with comments and help from Tracey. 

The Sunday subject was flora and creating graduating tones, using a variety stone burs. Once again Tracey gave a PowerPoint presentation showing some of the beautiful work she had completed, stating the burs and tonal techniques she had used. 

Before ending the Sunday session, Tracey showed us a full scale design she had produced for a large church window, explaining how she managed the engraving on such a large piece of glass.  It would  be a stunning window when completed.

As usual we had lovely lunches and our thanks go to Tracey for a very enjoyable weekend.

Future meeting dates are:

28 November - Patrick Brompton Church Hall - Christmas Design competition -  Heavenly Bodies (Angels, stars, cherubs etc)

19 March 2016 - AGM - Patrick Brompton Church Hall

We always welcome visitors to our branch meetings, which are usually held in Patrick Brompton Church Hall, Nr Bedale from 11.00 - 4pm.

Contact: Sandra Snaddon
Tel: 01748 812062