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Branch - Northern

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Northern Branch Weekend Workshop

Over the weekend of the 2/3 August, the Northern Branch held a Weekend Workshop with members running the activities.  Dawn ran the Saturday workshop by getting everyone to do some designing of acanthus leaves and how to create lovely scrolls with the leaves, this was then transferred to glass, some excellent engraved work was produced.

On the Sunday Sandra  got everyone engraving a head.  The requirement was to engrave an intaglio head, instructions were to cut the shape of the head out first, before adding the details; cheeks, nose, ears, chin and mouth. saying not to worry about losing the drawn design as it can easily be drawn on again.  Some eyes were engraved too deep and looked like they were popping out.  Sandra showed how bringing out the cheeks and forehead helped make the eyes more natural.  Burrs used were discussed.

As usual we had lovely lunches and a very enjoyable weekend was had by all.

Future meeting dates
20 Sep        -     New venue - Tunstal Village Hall
6 Dec          -     Christmas meeting

We always welcome visitors to our branch meetings, which are 
usually held in Patrick Brompton Church Hall, Nr Bedale from 11.00 - 4pm.

Contact: Sandra Snaddon
Tel: 01748 812062