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Branch officers
Secretary - Suzanne Osborne

The London branch had a most enjoyable meeting on Feb15th. Daniel Whistler has made an excellent short film about his uncle, Rex Whistler, and had given his permission to Juliet Johnson to show it to us (with a little help from Geoff Thwaites on the technical side). It had been made originally to accompany an exhibition about Rex at a gallery in Chichester.  It was most sensitively made, with very good photography. Dan had very successfully found the exact viewpoints that Rex had used to paint his landscapes ( which interestingly had changed very little ) and he also showed how his other work had developed, showing the extraordinary trompe-l'oeuil effects Rex had created in various private houses, some of which are now owned by the National Trust. A very  pleasant  musical accompaniment had been arranged throughout, with Juliet's brother-in-law playing the piano - very much a family affair! 


As usual they will be held at Enfield, with the meetings starting at 10.00

Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings.

For further details please contact Suzanne.

Contact: Suzanne Osborn

Tel: 020 8459 8224


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